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1895: X-Rays
1896: Radioactivity
1897: Electron
1898: Radium
1899: Alpha & Beta Rays
1900: Quantum Theory
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  • __scientifiction collection_(((_________________
    Museum of Atomic perMutation
    Stories about the effects of radiation on bodies
    born: January 1999

  • _ADventure into the un/known . . . (( Play: ____
    Nuclear Rocket to the Stars
    [Stage I] a space exploration simulation
    Find out what space holds in store as you participate
    in one of the greatest human experiments of all time . . .
    • __lunatic NUKES_(((________________
      NUKES in SPACE_____[link list]
      Expect them where you least expect them!

  • __RE:PRESENTING NUKES_(((__________
    (u)N(u)CLEAR CYCLE(s):
    The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Recycled
    __NUKES are GOOD FOOD__((________
    An Immodest Proposal for the disposal of NUKE wastes.

_________________))) Can YOU decipher this
from SPACE

??... could this be . .
the long-awaited contact from EXTRATERRESTRIALS anticipated by Carl Sagan, Frank Drake and the
legion of space cadets??

... doubt it!


____________)))_DON'T GO
into space

. . . you'll kill yourself!
Radiation Hazards
of Human Space Travel

. . . who knew?
[link list with quotations and comments]

__________)))_DON'T MISS
AS IF   
oh, the mysterious
axiomatics of atomix.

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