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Bibliography of Future Subjects

Airplane crews
Radiation Exposure of Air Carrier Crewmembers - FAA AC 120-52
Order 3910.3A
AC 120-52

Space Radiation
Radiation Hazards to Crews of Interplanetary Missions--text
Radiation Hazards to Crews of Interplanetary Missions: Biological Issues and Research Strategies
My list of space hazard links

Atomic Bomb Survivors
Radiation Effects Research Foundation Radiation Effects Overview
Hiroshima and Nagasaki from Trinity Atomic Web
Hiroshima as History
The Avalon Project : The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki---Chapter 22: Radiation Injuries
Swords and Ploughshares
Remembering Nagasaki
RERF: Late effects on the survivors

Eben Byers, millionaire playboy
North Side: People: Eben Byers
Radium Cures
Robley D. Evans biography of a health physicist
Health and Environmental Issues Linked to the Nuclear Fuel Chain
Before the Atomic Age: "Shadow Pictures," Radioisotopes, and the Beginnings of Human Radiation Experimentation
A Brief Chronology of Radiation and Protection

Chernobyl: Understanding Some of the True Costs of Nuclear Technology
Children near Chernobyl suffering array of deformities
Chernobyl 10 years after: The nightmare accelerates -- April 22, 1996

Marie Curie
Yahoo! links

Welcome to Downwinders
Downwinders' Homepage

Chapter 4: Test Fallout, Political Fallout, "KILLING OUR OWN", 1982
"Nuclear Fallout"
Salon | Fallout

The Fantastic Four
Mania: Mr. Fantastic

Shoe store flouroscopes to see feet inside of shoes: Shoe Fitting X-Ray Device and Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope (ca. 1930-1940)
Radiation Injuries and Flouroscopy
Radiation-induced Skin Injuries from Fluoroscopy Injury today

Fruit Flys

David Hahn
The Radioactive Boy Scout experiments with radioactive items available to the average citizen.

The Hiroshima Maidens
After the Cloud, Synopsis
Healing the Hiroshima Maidens: A Historic Lesson in International Cooperation from JAMA's Medical News and Perspectives - 8/6/96

Human Experiments
List of Experiments from DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments
A Little Too Much of the Buchenwald Touch? Military Radiation Research at the University of Cincinnati, 1960-1972
CAQ Article: U.S. Radiation Testing On Humans
Human Experimentation Documents

Marshall Islanders
Chronology of Nuclear Testing in the Marshall Islands
Chapter 12: The Marshallese from the report of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments
Marshall Islands Nuclear Guinea Pigs

Medical X rays
Treatments for benign diseases and cosmetic effects:
Beauty parlor treatments for removal of unwanted facial and body hair.
"Some of the most valuable information about the biological effects of high doses of radiation comes from studies of large groups of people needlessly irradiated for such minor problems as ringworm and acne. 'Female problems', physical and mental, were thought to respond particularly well to radiation." [Catherine Caufield, Multiple Exposures, p. 15]
Two Articles from RACHEL's reviewing Multiple Exposures:
#200 (09/26/90): Sacrificing Citizens [history of radiation]
#202 (10/10/90): History of Ionizing Radiation
Questionable medical treatments:
Syphilis, Tuberculosis
Children's thyroids were shrunk with x rays.
Decisive Epidemiological Evidence from Humans by Dr. John Gofman

Radiation Workers
A Scientific Panel for Determining Health Effects among Radiation Workers at Israel's Nuclear Research Facilities

Rhesus Monkeys
The Delayed Effects Colony: Space Radiation
Veterinary Sciences in the USAF
US Biomedical Space Research Timeline
Delayed Radiation Effects in Aerospace Operations Other monkeys: Pioneering Efforts in Space

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Uranium Miners
Health hazards of mining radioactive substances
Chapter 7: Nuclear Workers: Radiation on the Job, "KILLING OUR OWN", 1982
ratical-Uranium Miners
Navajo Uranium Radiation Victims
Roadmap to the Project: Uranium Miners Resources
Health Hazards for Uranium Miners

X ray technicians
The Terrible Power Of The Rays

More Sources:
Nuke Films
Atomic Horror Movies

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