FLASH™ ART - Critical Interactive Multimedia

Charette: Sonic "Remix" - April Fool's Day

charette: an intense effort to complete a project within a specified time

Create an interactive piece whose media consists entirely of sounds "found" online. No visuals (except background color)!

To be completed and posted by the end of class, with URL sent to stephen@hartzog.org.

Use a minimum of TEN different sound clips.

Help one another! Collaboration is advised: you may team up, divide the labor ...


Some sound file formats that Flash can import: .au .aiff .wav .qt

Think Loops. Think Layering. Think Samples. Think Internet.

Think détournement, appropriation, quoting, pastiche, culture jamming, begging borrowing and stealing ...

Use streaming sounds in a nested timeline that has a button which starts the sound on(rollOver) and pauses on(rollOut)

Use event sounds in the various frames of buttons.

You may want to use visual elements to help you while making the movie. Remove them before finally submitting.

Let chance dictate the concept.

Media Resources:

See our class page: Find Free Sounds

More Audio Files online (modified from INTRO TO DIGITAL ART AND CULTURE)
Google Directory-sound loops
Google Search: Samples

Clip Art Review- Sound Clips
TheFreeSite.com: free music free MP#, MIDIs, ...
The World Wide Web Virtual Library
Clay's Sound Emporium

weekend homework:

Add "found" visuals (ONLY! no original art) to your sonic landscape.
DUE: next tuesday.