D E F I N I T I O N S : Museum of Atomic perMutation
MAp: a collection of stories about the effects of radiation on bodies.

MAp: de-abstracts, un-simplifies the scientific method of reduction; amplifies the human and social dimensions of scientific methods; Re-presents the Dose-Response curve, irrupting data-points.

MAp: traces the topography of nukes in the semiosphere; registers, produces an image of the circulations of meaning; images social reality using a trope tracer technique.

MAp: an idiosyncratic, recombinant history; a mutating archive; a personal use of science.

MAp: rides the wave of internet mania.

MAp: an organ of the larger body of nukes.org

MAp: exposes the social questions at the root of nuclear science standards of safety.

MAp: DENATUREs, teases apart specialist language.

MAp: unfolds tragic and magic worlds of invisible rays, mysterious forces, hopes and fears.

MAp: will continue to grow and mutate, if not progress.

MAp: Détournement of data.

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