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Atomic Veterans.
Hundreds of thousands of American military personnel.
[1950s through 1970s]

Rays from numerous peace-time tests of nuclear weapons.

Leukemias and other cancers; assorted maladies, largely undocumented.

Atomic Veterans

Science says: exposure to ionizing radiation causes increase in probability of cancers, and other lingering maladies, systemic degeneration, but, ...
while epidemiology proves conclusively the existence of "extra" cancers in a population, causality cannot be proven in any particular case; moreover, ...
Uncle Sam says: you can't sue the federal government for any injury in my service ...
unless I let you.

The US government told loyal soldiers to run into the mushroom clouds, into ground zero, told them they'd be safe, and then studied them to see how they'd react to an atomic warfare simulation.


Atomic Veterans

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Museum of Atomic perMutation

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