Social Art Tactics

A Surrealist Game of Conditionals

Each player writes two phrases, each on its own piece of paper: a hypothetical sentence beginning with 'If' (or 'When'); and a sentence in the conditional or future tense. All of the hypotheticals are put into one container; all the conditionals are put into a separate container. The players then take turns drawing out one of each kind of statement, and reading the combined result as a single sentence.

RESULTS [1/28/98]:


If I only had that brand new car, there would be less suffering in Nigeria.

If people had eyes in the back of their heads, there would be no invention of the airplane.

If only everyone valued or had an education, people would stop oppressing each other.

If the world were free of advertisements, there would no longer be any reason to watch tv.

If I were 6'2 and blonde, no one would live in poverty.

If dogs and cats DID actually have sex in the streets, then the poor people in America could have all that they need.

If medical science discovered a way that we could prolong our lives indefinitely, crude oil prices would be depressed for two months.

If art really could change the world, then we would all reach a point where every individual could turn to every other individual, look one another in the eye ... and say, "I know you."

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