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Dr. Bruce Banner, physicist

Gamma Rays from an accident while experimenting with a gamma bomb.

Dr. Banner survived the blast of gamma rays, but his body had undergone a mysterious transformation. Whenever he gets mad or frustrated his skin turns green, he grows in size and strength, and he becomes irrational. Over time various radiation induced abilities have become manifest. However, no statistics are available for the frequency of these mutations as they are for the most part uniquely expressed in Dr. Banner, making population studies unpracticable.

gamma bomb accident

A transfusion of Hulk's blood induced similar effects in his cousin Jennifer Walters

Epitomizing the uniqueness of the effects suffered by Dr. Banner is their radical variability of expression.

Some theorize that the effects of Dr. Banner's exposure may have some relation to a pre-existing psychological condition [Oedipus Complex] resulting from his sordid family life.


Hulks Powers

by Cristina Urdiales

El Increible Hulk
Hulk's History (1/7)
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Museum of Atomic perMutation

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