Selections from the Museum of Atomic perMutation
Clarence Dally _________scientist exposed to x rays
Peter Parker _________radioactive blood poisoning
Louis Slotin _________scientist exposed to nuclear energy
Bruce Banner _________scientist exposed to gamma rays

Welcome to the
* Museum of Atomic perMutation *

M.A.p. collects stories about the power of radiation to alter bodies.
M.A.p. reveals tragic and magic worlds of invisible rays, mysterious forces, of hopes and fears.

M.A.p. will continue to mutate; this is only the beginning. Future features include discussion areas where you can add stories, ask questions, make comments.

M.A.p. is a project of NUKEVILLE
[*... which is where you can see this project evolve in the future ...]

coming soon:

Stephen Hartzog
MAp at nukes dot org

Inter-Arts Center

San Francisco State University
March 1998