Flash 5 ActionScript for Artists || Stephen Hartzog || Stanford University Digital Art Center, Winter 2002
Flash Tutorial Links by Topic
Flash Basics
general introductions
Flash Kit - Perfect Newbie Starter Tutorial
Flash 5 contents Web Motion Graphics 1
Flash 4 For Beginners - The Web Developer's Journal
Macromedia Flash - Using the Flash 5 Timeline
panels and tools 
Macromedia - Using panels in Flash 5
The toolbox and it's tools in Flash
Flash Kit - Using Layers
Symbols & Edit Symbols Section for Flash 4
Flashplanet - shape tweening --- Flash 4
Motion tweens in Flash
Flash Kit - Using Keyframes
Flash Kit - Building Buttons
Flashplanet - create a button
simple guide to buttons - virtual-fx
Flash Kit - Assigning Actions to Buttons
Flash Kit - How to Keep Fonts Clear
Flash Bitmaps, .Jpegs & .Gifs
Flash Kit - Image Optimization Tips
DM 145 Audio Integration
Flash 5 Tutorial - Part 8: Sound
FLASH- Sound ... MMEDIA2A03 Introduction to Multimedia
Google Search streaming sound event sound flash
Flash Kit - Layering Audio - The killersound Technique™
QuickTime Movies 
Flash Kit - Movies & Flash
hot keys - shortcut keys 
Flash Kit - Flash Hotkeys for MAC
Flash 5 Default Keyboard Shortcuts
Flash Kit - Animation and Loops
Flash Kit - Converting Animation on the Stage into a Movie Clip
Flash Kit - Macromedia 4 & 5 Tips
Flash Kit - Flash Drawing

General Resource Pages
link lists
Flash 5 Actionscript Other Resources
Macromedia - Web sites devoted to Flash and Flash Developers
Flash Kit Links Flash Resources - Add a Link!
actionscript.org Categories
Virtual-FX Links to Other Flash Resource Sites
tutorial indicies 
Macromedia - Tutorial Index Overview
We're Here Forums!
Flash Kit s
Flash 5 Actionscript Tutorials, Resources, Code Samples
Flashplanet Tutorials-f5
actionscript.org --- tutorials
About-Flash.com Tutorial Sites
FlashLessons.com - Flash Tutorials, Books & Links !
Flash Freak - Flash 5 --- has annoying pop-behind ads
Virtual-FX Flash Tutorials
source files online 
We're Here Forums!
Flashplanet FLAs-f5
Virtual-FX Flash Open Source Tools Draggable Objects
discussion forums 
We're Here Forums!
Flash Kit Community - powered by vBulletin
Flash ActionScript hosted by kirupa
Macromedia - Books devoted to learning and mastering Flash
ZDNet d e v e l o p e r Zen and the Art of ActionScript
Welcome to FlashPlanet.com --- go to 'Flash 5 Arena'
actionscripts.org - actionscript library
Flashmagazine.com --- All Flash site
Cre@teOnline - Magazine
Computer Arts Online Photoshop, Web, 3D, animation, DV
OpenSWF.org -- The Source for Flash File Format Information
moock.org asdg codedepot
Flash - ActionScript Dictionary Online
ActionScript Introductions
Macromedia - ActionScript tutorial
Macromedia - Getting started with ActionScript
Macromedia - Using ActionScript Overview - List of Links
Flash 5 contents Web Motion Graphics 2
General ActionScript (Flash 5) - We're Here Forums!
Phoenix-Blaze -- Learning ActionScript
actionscripts.org - Actions for Flash 5 --- vocabulary list
Becoming a Flash 5 Master
ActionScript Language Structures
Flash 5 Events
Clip Events (Flash 5) - We're Here Forums!
Flash 5 Tutorial ActionScript Statements
Flash 5 Actionscript Addressing Movieclips
actionscripts.org - instance names
actionscripts.org - Controlling Different TimeLines ---simple
actionscripts.org - Paths to Objects and Variables
actionscripts.org - Advanced Pathing
Addressing in Flash 5 - Part II --- with Exercises
_level,_root and depth (Flash 5) - We're Here Forums!
Flash 5 Actionscript Addressing Movieclips --- dot vs. array syntax
Flash 5 Tutorial Variables
Flash 5 Actionscript Variables
actionscripts.org - Variables to Hold Data
Macromedia - How to target variables
ActionScript4Designers Variables
Flash 5 Actionscript Operators
Flash 5 Actionscript Comparison Operators
actionscripts.org - Scripted Loops
Functions for Beginners (Flash 5) - We're Here Forums!
actionscripts.org - Flashguru - function library
data types 
Flash 5 Simple Types of Data
Duplicate Movie Clip Action Virtual-FX.net Flash Tutorials
actionscripts.org - attachMovie()
Flash Kit - Load-Unload Movie Action
Virtual-FX Load Movie Action Flash Tutorials and Resources
Flash Kit - Loading External Symbols During Playback
Flash Kit - Drag, Drop and Swap --- Flash 4
Flash Kit - Drag Movie Clip Action --- Flash 4
Flash Kit - Custom Cursors without using Drag
hit test
HitTest Part II, Wall Bounce Virtual-FX.net Flash Tutorials
actionscripts.org - swapDepth()
Macromedia - Using GetTimer to pause a movie in Flash 4
actionscripts.org - Timer Controlled Events
Dynamic Text (Flash 5) - We're Here Forums!
scrolling text:
actionscripts.org - Scrolling Text (dynamic, static, loaded & HTML)
actionscripts.org - Animating Text By Using ActionScript
Objects in ActionScript
Arrays Tutorial (Flash 5) - We're Here Forums!
How To Create Arrays In Flash 5 - We're Here Forums!
Multidimensional Arrays (Flash 5) - We're Here Forums!
actionscript.org - Array Object --- code library
Flash Arrays -- Virtual-FX.net Flash Tutorials
emulating arrays:
(note: "arrays" in flash are not "arrays" in normal usage)
Macromedia - How to use Eval() to emulate an array
Flash 5 Actionscript About Objects
Objects - Building Object-Oriented Applications in Flash 5
Flash Kit - Prototypes and Inheritance
Object Oriented Programming, advanced:
Building Object-Oriented Applications in Flash 5
ActionScript The Definitive Guide Chapter 13 Movie Clips
Flash 5 Actionscript MovieClip Object
Flash 5 Actionscript Movieclip Properties
actionscript.org - Movie Clip Object --- code library
movieclip events:
Clip Events (Flash 5) - We're Here Forums!
nested movieclips:
Macromedia - Working with multiple movie clips
Flash Kit - Sound Volume & Pan Control in Flash 5
Flash 5 Actionscript Sound Object
Flashplanet - Advanced Sound Tutorial
Ultrashock.com --- beware- broadband
actionscript.org - Sound Object --- code library
kirupa.com - Playing Sounds using ActionScript
Macromedia - Dynamically changing the color of movie clips
Flash 5 Actionscript Color Object
kirupa.com - Creating Random Colors --- mostly script to copy
Using the SetRGB action -- Virtual-FX.net Flash Tutorials
actionscript.org - String Object --- code library
Flash 5 Actionscript Math Object
Flash 5 Actionscript Math Object -- Trig Functions
Macromedia - Using the Key object Creating keyboard controls
ActionScript Animation
actionscripts.org - Motion using Actionscript
actionscripts.org - Actionscript Powerred Movement
HTML and Flash
Flash Kit - HTML-Frame Navigation
actionscripts.org - Invoking Actions From HTML Textfields
Flash 5 ActionScript for Artists || Stephen Hartzog || Stanford University Digital Art Center, Winter 2002