Flash 5 ActionScript for Artists || Stephen Hartzog || Stanford University Digital Art Center, Winter 2002
links for 02.15.02
Virtual Bodies and Flickering Signifier by N. Katherine Hayles {more}
Meshworks, Hierarchies and Interfaces
by Manuel De Landa
t e l e m a t i c ___ m a n i f e s t o http://www.zakros.com/manifesto/index1.html
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MidTerm Review due Fri.02.08.02
Control Properties; Handle Events postponed
links for 02.04.02
Map Project Proposal due Mon.02.11.02
For Wed.02.06.02:
Control Properties using both Frame and Button Actions.
Simon Biggs >> text works >> on Navigation and Interactivity
Multimedia | From Wagner to Virtual Reality
links for 01.30.02
Event and Time Based Sound and Text due Mon.02.04.02
Custom Button Example
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files created in class 01.25.02
Reminder: Do all prior readings for discussion Monday.01.28.02
Consider what interactivity means for each of these authors.
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The Importance of Names due Wed.01.23.02
Recombinant Poetics by Bill Seaman
Seven Ways to Misunderstand Interactivity by Erikki Huhtamo

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The Aesthetics and Practice of Designing Interactive Computer Events by Stephen Wilson
From A to D and back again: The emerging aesthetics of Interactive Art by Simon Penny
Help for Basic Actions

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Nesting Timeline Animations due Mon.01.14.02

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Speaking With The Other by Simon Biggs
Syllabus outline
Wed.03.20.02 @1:15 pm
Map Project
Artist's Statement
Archive of all work

download the latest Flash plug-in
example: Flash Detection

Color Object
Sound Object
Custom Object
Drag/Drop and hitTest();
Arrays and Functions
record history of mouse movement
2 ways to measure Time
Movie Clip Event Handlers
controlling _Properties
Movie Clip Events (short-list)
Movie Clip Properties (short-list)

Flash tutorials
by category
Art practice & theory
The ActionScript Dictionary
online hypertext or downloadable .pdf
Flash technique
Art practice & theory


we will

construct interactive, nonlinear, digital multimedia for the world wide web as we consider the cultural context of our actions.
combine theory and practice to produce art exploiting the exigencies of scripted sound, text and image.
emphasize the direct manipulation of code.

stephen (at) hartzog.org